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Gamblingfy Ltd. designs, builds, optimizes and constantly updates comprehensive casino and sportsbook review sites in several geographic areas. In mid 2018 the company owns around 30 websites in 6 languages focusing on 6 global markets. Our sites are designed to provide truly honest assessments on gaming providers on the market to indeed help our viewers make better and more informed decisions about their gaming choices. We help our visitors with accurate and up to date information about the quality of the various gaming choices out there. Our reviews are detailed and comprehensive and our sites provide tons of guides, analysis, news and materials that help and educate players around the world.

Global Presence

Our company has established presence in some of the most interesting and dynamic gaming markets in the world, most notably Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and New Zealand.

Growing Popularity

Our flagship sites have quickly grown to be some of the most comprehensive, interesting and up to date sites in the industry.

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Why work with us?

We are fast, reliable and transparent. We deliver good quality traffic. We are growing and our traffic and presence is increasing every month.

We are Growing!

Our sites are growing fast! We push them every day!

Quality Traffic

Our pages are created with meticulous attention to detail. Our SEO expertise is world-class. Our progress has been nothing short of remarkable!

Global Reach

By mid 2018 we cover 6 main geographic areas, but we are constantly monitoring and seeking to enter new markets.

Fast and Responsive

We are professional, fast and responsive when working with our partners. Our relationships are always friendly and frank.

Our main markets and flagship sites

Our main focus is the Nordic gaming market. Our sites cover all countries in the region: Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We are also seeking to expand to other geographic locations and by 2018, we also cover New Zealand and Bulgaria, Our most important sites are listed below:


The History of Our Work

January 1

CasinoMamma.com – Our Special New Site for Women Players!

Further to the success of our site CasinoDaddy.com, we came up with yet another great site idea: a global online gaming site with a specific focus on the women players: CasinoMamma.com! We had a successful competition of site logos and lady characters that will give it a specific and fun look targeted to lady players. One of our focuses in 2020!

December 20

Finishing 2019 at Record Traffic and Results!

By the end of 2019, the company shows record organic traffic in all of its sites, as well as the strongest ever financial results. The company staff has grown to 15 people and we are constantly adding new talent to our staff. Great position for further expansion in 2020 – focus will still be 1. acquisition of new premium domains and 2. entering into new geographic verticals!

November 11

Yet another EU market entered – Poland and NewCasinos.PL

After the SIGMA affiliate conference in Malta in 2019, it became clear to us that the Polish online gaming market has some great potential and we were quick to acquire a quality Polish domain – NewCasinos.PL. Work is underway for building yet another high quality sites for players in Poland.

October 1

Looking at the UK online gaming with SlotsSlots.uk

No global gaming lead provider will be complete without the regulated yet lucrative United Kingdom market. Looking to create a great slot and casino review site in the UK, we acquired the premium SlotsSlots.uk which is to soon grow as a hot UK casino destination! Soon in 2020!

September 25

Into Arabia – Acquisition of ArabicCasinoGuide.com

Aiming at a truly global positioning and coverage, the company next targeted the Arabic speaking market. Acquisition of the premium ArabicCasinoGuide.com and initiation of work to make a great gambling and casino review site in Arabic. Priority for 2020.

July 15

Into LatAm and Spain with NewCasinos.ES

The worldwide Spanish speaking market has become ever more interesting to the online gaming community, with many brands positioning themselves in the area, especially in the Latin American market. We recognized the need for a quality Spanish language site, acquired a premium .es domain and have begun working on our comprehensive new site.

July 1

Exploring the Italian Market with NewCasinos.IT

Italy is recognized as one of the most interesting European gaming destinations and the company acquires the great Italian domain – NewCasinos.it – work has started on building a high-quality comprehensive site aimed at Italian players.

June 1

Exploring Nigeria – Acquisition of BestCasinos.NG

Getting ready for the expected phenomenal growth in the African gaming market, the company positions itself by acquiring the premium Nigerian domain NewCasinos.ng. Work is to commence shortly on building a quality site for Nigerian players with the specifics of the local market in consideration. Many online brands are exploring carefully the NG market as a hot desination.

April 25

Into the exciting United States market with CasinoDaddy.com

The United States gaming market is perhaps the most interesting market in the world in view of recent developments at several US states that are starting to allow players to play online. A trend that many expect will continue in the near future. An opportunity not to be missed indeed. The company acquires the premium domain CasinoDaddy.com and launches it shortly after acquisition – a high-quality gambling site targeted to American players. A dedicated staff is hired shortly and the site takes off quickly showing great promise and growth!

February 8

Into the huge Japanese market with NewCasinos.JP!

In view of recent developments in Japan and with the expectation that the Japanese gaming market will further open up in the near future, we wasted no time to acquire the premium NewCasinos.jp domain and start a massive job on it to position it as one of the market leaders in Japan in the coming years! We have found our quality Japanese speaking staff and progress is impressive. The site quickly grows and is updated every single day!

January 8

Entering the German market with NewCasinos.DE

Recognizing that Germany is perhaps the most interesting gaming markets in mainland Europe, the company acquired yet another premium domain – NewCasinos.de and quickly launched a fully updated german version of our sites. There are now full-time German editors in our staff that push new content daily.

November 1

Voice of the Player BiMonthly PDF Magazine Launched!

Voice of the Player Magazine – Our Own Magazine Published by Our Team!

Following the growth and success of our gambling sites, it felt like a natural progression for us to take the initiative and create more fun and enjoyable content for our readership. As a result, Voice of the Player Magazine was born out as an idea over this summer and the first edition of our flagship magazine is now a fact! The magazine is translated into all languages on all our sites! Our readers include anyone who enjoys gambling and is interested in the industry. It is a perfect read if you would like to know more about the up and coming trends and interesting insights on how to become a savvy gambler. It offers a trendy, fresh, and new approach to learning more about the latest news and trends in the gambling industry.

September 1

Further expansion and business growth

In September 2018, Gamblingfy has a staff of 7 people from 6 different countries. Organic traffic on all of our sites is at another all-time high. Over 200 gaming operations are now listed on our sites. The company is present at all important gaming affiliation conferences such as London, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Sofia, and SIGMA – Malta. Quality partnerships with some of the best-known casino brands are well in place.

August 1

Completing all Nordic markets with the Danish NewCasinos.DK

To cover all Nordic markets the company launches the premium domain NewCasinos.dk – Danish gaming quality reviews, articles, news and tons of other content for Danish players. The Nordic destinations are now all covered – Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

July 1

Next into New Zealand with the premium NewCasinos.NZ

After attending the Amsterdam affiliate conference in 2018, the company recognized the quality and the true potential of the New Zealand gaming market. Over 10 .nz domains are acquired with the major NZ gaming site launched as NewCasinos.nz. The site quickly grows and improves its rankings in New Zealand.

April 1

Into Profitability – the Company’s Cashflow Turns Profitable

In just a remarkable six month period, the traffic to our sites has grown remarkably and player volumes have increased steadily. In April 2018 the company turned profitable. Steady expansion is to follow given the great initial results!

January 1

Expansion into Norway – Launch of BestCasinos.NO

As Norway is among the most attractive gaming markets globally, Gamblingfy wastes no time and enters the Norwegian lead generation market and launches BestCasinos.no – another premium and high-quality website that offers reviews of the best online casinos, all new online casinos, slot games and much more. The site is being worked on daily ever since.

October 1

Expansion – Investors Join and Staff Grows

The success and the visible results of the first sites allowed us to attract a sizable venture investment into the company. The company staff grows steadily. With the new investment in place, the company sets a course for rapid expansion into most of the interesting gaming markets in the world.

August 1

Acquisition of premium domains, websites and other related assets

The company embarks on the acquisition of a long list of premium global quality domains and existing websites to enrich its portfolio in various attractive different geographies. Focus is given on the new exciting global markets that are opening up or are showing signs of opening up, such as the United States and Japan along with others.

July 1

Into the great Finnish market with BestCasinos.FI

To enter the ever-exciting Finnish gaming market, the company acquires the premium domain BestCasinos.fi. Along with the overall business strategy, BestCasinos.fi is launched with the goal to become one of the most interesting and informative sites for Finnish players on the web. The site quickly grows in the rankings and establishes itself on the Finnish market as it is being updated and grown constantly.

May 1

Into the Swedish gaming market with Gambling.SE

The company acquired the premium domain Gambling.se and started on a project to completely redesign it and to turn it into one of the most comprehensive and informative casino and sportsbook review sites in Sweden. Business strategy is to grow this premium domain as one of the leaders on the Swedish gaming markets.

April 13

Bulgarian gaming market explored with Online-Casinos.BG

Starting from the relatively small Bulgarian gaming market, the company acquires excellent and premium Bulgarian .bg domains and builds its first gaming sites. The main Bulgarian site of selection is Online-Casinos.bg, together with other high quality .bg domains such as: newcasinos.bg, bestcasinos.bg, freespins.bg, mobilecasinos.bg and many more.

April 1

An Idea is Born

Gamblingfy is formed with the vision of creating a global gaming affiliation company of true quality. The company’s business development effort focuses on building large and localized gaming sites for the most major gaming markets around the world. The growth strategy is based on the acquisition of premium and high-quality global domains together with extensive quality and timely content creation.

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Here are some of our most valuable partners

In a short time, we have created a great network of partnerships with some of the best brands and names in the industry. We greatly value our relationships with all our partners and we would like to thank some of them below.

What our partners say about us

It’s a pleasure to work with an affiliate company who aims to bring extra value to all parties with a player-centered attitude. As an operator, we get not just traffic, but a responsive associate sharing our marketing goals. Working with Gamblingfy is a great example of what a true partnership should be.

Alex Harrison, Zodiacu Casino
Senior Affiliate Manager

We are working with Gamblingfy Ltd. from day one, they are growing rapidly, and we are very happy with the results they are bringing to all of our 6 Brands.

Meitar Levy, Rocksolid Affiliates
Senior Affiliate Manager

I congratulate the folks at Gamblingfy for their steady growth and we are pleased that we have been working with them since their very beginning. Our results are improving nicely each month and we are pleased with the quality and honesty of their reviews.

Aleksandar Stosic, Genesis Affiliates
Head of Affiliates

We are very pleased to work with Gamblingfy LTD. Their excellent work and passion drives us to reach the heights we have set.
The traffic they send is not only valuable but also lifetime!
The communication is polite and very individual.
No wonder the growth of the Gamblingfy is so rapid.
We look forward to have a great and productive partnership

Vlad Feder, Playamo Partners
Senior Affiliate Manager