History and Strategy

We build quality products that excel in very competitive environment and challenge the major established players on the marketplace.

Of course, the opportunity in the Nordic gaming markets was recognized a long time ago, but in early 2017, the story begun when two gentlemen and friends with strong experience in gaming, business development and web development decided that they can build a quality product that will excel in very competitive environment and challenge the major established players on the marketplace. We are proud to have accomplished remarkable results since then. As our ideas started to become reality, we had some really smart folks joining us, advising us, and investing with us. We are growing. Below is our dynamic timeline for the last year.

The History of Our Work

September 1

Further expansion

In September 2018, Gamblingfy has staff of 7 people from 6 different countries. Organic traffic on all of our sites is at all time high. Over 200 gaming operations are now listed on our sites.

August 1


Gamblingfy enters the Danish gaming review market and launches NewCasinos.dk to provide quality reviews for Danish players.

July 1


Gamblingfy recognized the quality and potential of the New Zealand gaming market and in July 2018 launched NewCasinos.nz.

April 1

Gamblingfy Turns Profitable

Traffic to our sites grew remarkably and in April 2018 the company turned profitable.

January 1


Gamblingfy enters the Norwegian lead generation market and launches BestCasinos.no – a quality website that offers reviews of the best online casinos, all new online casinos, slot games and much more. 

October 1

Expansion – People and Investors Join

The success and the visible results of the first sites allowed us to attract investment and quality people. The company sets course to expansion to most of the interesting gaming markets in the world.

August 1

Acquisition of domains, websites and other related assets

The company embarks on acquisition of a long list of quality domains and existing websites to enrich its portfolio in various different geographies.

July 1


Gamblingfy enters the exciting Finnish gaming market. BestCasinos.fi is launched with the goal to become the most interesting site for Finnish players. The site quickly established itself on the Finnish market and is being updated and grown constantly.

May 1


The company acquired the premium domain Gambling.se and started on a project to completely redesign it and to turn it into one of the most comprehensive and informative casino and sportsbook review sites in Sweden

April 1

An Idea is Born

Gamblingfy is formed with the vision of growing as a high-quality online lead generation company in the major Nordic gaming markets.

our strategy

Here is a summary of our strategy for growth on the marketplace:

  1. Quality and informative sites with real value to players.
  2. Speed and flexibility – prompt listing of most interesting new players on the market and detailed and quality reviews for all sites.
  3. Content, content, content – constantly pushing more and more interesting news, articles, videos and other materials.
  4. Expanding our operational reach into new geographies and vertical markets.
  5. Hire smart, fun and hard working people.
  6. Work just a big harder than the competition!