Management and Board

The People Who Drive The Company to Excellence
Our Core People

We really don’t have executives here – we are just a bunch of very hard working people who want to make something really nice out of nothing. Still, back in early 2017, the story begun with two friends who decided that they can build a quality product that will excel in very competitive markets. As our ideas started to become reality, we had some really smart folks joining us, advising us, and investing with us. We are growing, and with growth we are looking forward to add more key figures to our Board and Management. Hey Zlatan, if you are reading this, please note that we will always have a spot for you on our board! 🙂

Veselin Lalev
The Guy Who Grows Stuff
Mattias Kaneteg
The Guy Who Envisions Stuff
How are we planning to succeed in the marketplace?

Well, it’s easy, but hard to achieve! This is what we need:

  1. Incredible combination of creativity – so we can generate ideas and continue to develop them.
  2. A network around us of people who have skills we do not have.
  3. Creating a product that is actually in demand of the market at the very same time, and lastly…
  4. That someone else on the marketplace has not already done better.

So very simple! Statically, chances are small, but we keep trying. From us, you can expect our best to be one of the finest casino and sportsbook reviewers in our markets!

… something we always share with our applicants during job interviews