Our Team

The Folks We Can Not Do Without!
The People We Can Not Do Without

Here we are – a small, compact, super professional and very focused team. Here everyone knows what he is doing and he is doing it to perfection! Nobody minds the heavy hours! Everyone delivers quality work and everyone is dedicated to our success as a company. Oh, by the way, life and work with us is fun and interesting!

Simon Häggstrand
Formally: Country Manager Sweden
Informally: Our Key Man in Sweden! Great job all around! Cheers buddy!
Teemu Leino
Formally: Country Manager Finland
Informally: One of the smartest cats on the block! We are counting on you mate!
Lasse Hedegaard
Formally: Country Manager Denmark
Informally: One of the hardest working man, we have ever seen! Keep on Rocking Lasse!
Malakis Andersson
Formally: Country Manager Norway
Informally: The man we can not do without in Norway!
Nenad Tonchev
Formally: Master Graphic Designer/Guru
Informally: It is hard to say how much we value your effort and creativity Nenad! Thanks for all the years of hard work!
Monica Angelova
Formally: Country Manager Bulgaria
Informally: One of the true inspirations of our work and growth!
Our Inspiration and Motivation
This is it! These are the people who drive us to excel at what we do!
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships!

We are only human! But, we’re a team of creators, thinkers, explorers, dreamers and dedicated hard workers. Gamblingfy wouldn’t be what it is without the incredible contributions of our fantastic team members. Thanks to everyone who’s put their heart and their energy into our company! It is so much fun having you guys!

And, Hey... We Love doing what we do!