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Over 200 Casino and Sportsbook Reviews. Tons of additional content. is our flagship site for Finland. Launched in Novemeber 2017, the site has quickly grown and developed as one of the leading casino review sites in Finland. The site is being updated daily, with dedicated staff, working exclusively on it. In September 2018, there are around 200 reviewed casinos and sportsbooks with around 15 more being added every month. The site has extensive information about casino bonuses on the market and its quality New Casino sections, where we rank the new-coming casinos for each corresponding month. We have dedicated content writers who publish news and articles daily. We are really proud with the growth of this site and are working constantly on it to improve its rankings and make it the most comprehensive and interesting casino review site in Finland in the coming years.

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We need to be helpful and informative. With the huge number of offers on the market, my job is intense, it requires time, patience, quality, and, above all, truly getting to know the offers. knowing your customers. See my casino review videos, where I go into every casino and personally check its quality and appeal!

Teemu Leino / Country Manager Finland